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CNC Series
GN1 Ported OEM Aluminum Intake Manifold
Part # GN1-25527221PM

The Champion GN1 ported OEM aluminum intake manifold is highly recommended when considering any engine performance modifications. The perfect companion to either the GN1 Aluminum or Iron cylinder heads. All manifolds are degreased and glass bead cleaned before a thorough inspection. The EGR tower is machined out and welded closed before the final polishing stage.

  • CNC machined port openings are consistent in size, shape, and location.
  • Each manifold has a unique serial # for identification.
  • Ports and plenum area professionally hand polished to perfection.
All core manifolds are subject to the following conditions:
  • All core manifolds must be unaltered. No prior porting, grinding, or polishing.
  • Core manifolds must be in good condition. No cracks or excessive corrosion.
  • Repairs needed such as stripped threads etc. will be back charged to the customer.
Exchange Price:   $300.00
Core Allowance:   $250.00
Outright Price:   $550.00

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